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G. Gary Green, DMD -  - Prosthodontist

G. Gary Green, DMD

Prosthodontist located in Caldwell, NJ

Dr. G. Gary Green helps his patients from in and around Caldwell, New Jersey to have bright, white, healthy-looking smiles. Patients have a choice of at home or in-office Opalescence Boost teeth whitening treatments.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Why should I have my teeth whitened?

The most requested cosmetic dental procedure is teeth whitening. Some people have their teeth whitened to avoid dental health problems and others just to feel better about the appearance of their smiles. Some of the reasons for stained and yellowed teeth include:

  • Genetics
  • Antibiotics
  • Age
  • Changes in your enamel
  • Antibiotics
  • Tooth decay
  • Root canal issues
  • Internal tooth discoloration caused by exposure to high levels of tetracycline and fluoride
  • External tooth discoloration caused by factors such as certain foods, coffee, tea, and tobacco.

How do your take-home teeth bleaching kits differ from the kits I can buy in a drugstore?

The at-home bleaching kits provided by Dr. Green are custom-made for each patient. This means the trays are form-fitted to each person's mouth and tooth shape to ensure the whitening agent reaches all the surfaces of the teeth for results that are more consistent and more effective. Plus, Dr. Green’s Opalescence Boost kits are designed for use under professional supervision, with special whitening agents that are more effective than those available through the over-the-counter whitening kits. And finally, before your whitening treatment, Dr. Green will exam your teeth to look for any signs of damage that should be corrected prior to whitening to help reduce the likelihood of tooth sensitivity and to help ensure the best possible results.

What happens during the in-office teeth whitening procedure?

Dr. Green will thoroughly clean and prepare the teeth, including an examination. Any traces of decay or damage will need to be treated before the whitening begins. Once the patient’s teeth are ready, Opalescence Boost, an innovative chemically-activated gel which is made from hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth. The patient’s lips will be held back with a soft retainer to ensure that each tooth is evenly covered with the gel. After about 40 minutes, the gel is wiped away and the lip retainer is taken out. Patients will enjoy a brighter and whiter smile immediately.