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How and When Do I Enroll in Medicare?

Enrollment begins three months prior to your 65th birthday and extends for an additional seven months. Those currently receiving Social Security benefits will automatically be enrolled in Medicare at age 65. It is important to note that Original Medicare has two parts: Part A, for hospital coverage, and Part B, for medical coverage.

Will My Medicare Plan Cover Dental Treatments?

Medicare does not cover services like dental fillings, cleanings, dentures, or other dental devices. However, if your oral health condition is deemed a medical necessity, you may be eligible for payment through Medicare. There are multiple Medicare insurance plans in New Jersey and not every plan will cover dental services. The best way to find out if you will be covered is to contact our office for a personal consultation. 

Why Should I Continue Undergoing Bi-Annual    Checkups If They Are Not Covered by Medicare?

While bi-annual check-ups are not covered under Medicare, preventive care is a crucial part for your oral health and overall well-being. In older patients, this is especially important because they are at a high risk of developing gum disease and oral cancer. Many times conditions such as dental infections or minor cavities do not present with any signs or symptoms. However, a dental professional can identify these issues early on and perform the necessary treatment before it becomes a more costly and extensive restorative procedure. We strongly believe that timely treatment can not only save you time and money, but protect your dental function, and in turn, quality of life.

How Do I Know If My Condition Is a Medical Necessity?

The only way to be sure treatment is necessary for your medical condition is to schedule an appointment at our office. The combination of certain medical conditions and dental disease, for example, are often interpreted as a medical  necessity. One example is the study that has connected gum disease to life-threatening conditions including heart disease and stroke. In addition, periodontal disease is linked to diabetic control. For this reason, some patients with both diabetes and gum disease are at a higher risk for tooth loss and diabetic complications, which may qualify for treatment.

Will My Full Treatment Be Covered?

Medicare covers only a portion of the treatment costs for medically necessary procedures, which means there will be some out-of-pocket expenses.  However, Medicare sometimes covers 30-50 percent of the fees, which in these cases may translate up to $10,000 for full mouth reconstruction and implant treatment.

Can Any Dentist Help Me Use My Medicare Insurance?

Dr. Gary Green is one of the few dentists in New Jersey who has the credentials to provide treatment under Medicare plans, which translates to about 1% of dentists in the United States. Dr. Green has extensive experience working with senior patients and has a proven history of helping Medicare patients achieve coverage. As a result, he can tailor treatment to your individual needs and lifestyle for the best possible results.

Contact Us to Learn More

The team at Gary Green DMD is dedicated to helping our patients achieve optimal oral health and dental function as affordably as possible. We are happy to answer any additional questions you have about Medicare. Please contact our office either online or by calling (973) 228-0252 to find out more about your Medicare dental coverage. 


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