What does my splitting headache have to do with my teeth?

June is National Headache/Migraine Awareness month.
Did you know that in many cases, frequent, or even constant headache pain can be treated more effectively by your dentist, instead of by your General Practitioner?
Headaches can range from mildly irritating to unrelentingly painful. Frequent headaches can interfere with your quality of life. If you were treated by your physician and you still have headache pain, you might want to see your dentist. You may be suffering from a dental headache.
Dental headaches are tension headaches and are the result of muscular tension that builds up in the region of the face and jaw. Frequently, this tension is a symptom of malocclusion or a bad bite. This may be caused by orthodontics, incoming wisdom teeth or previous dental problems. Having a bad bite essentially means the chewing surfaces of the teeth do not meet along a smooth curve when the jaw is shut. This causes the muscles in the jaw to continually overcompensate for the imbalance, resulting in pain and soreness that radiates throughout the head. The good news is, malocclusion can be fixed rather easily by reshaping teeth that might be too high, or by wearing an orthotic (night guard) that corrects your bite over time.
If you're suffering from headaches or migraines and your doctor hasn't been able to treat you successfully, call Dr. Gary Green for a FREE consultation. He can examine you and get to the root of your problems. Take the bite out of your headache by calling 973-228-0252 for an appointment. Visit our website at: www.GaryGreenDentist.com or even email Dr. Green at: GaryGreendmd@gmail.com
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