The Impact of Snoring on your Oral Health

The Impact of Snoring On Your Oral Health

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There are many known negative side effects to snoring, from annoying partners to sleep interruption and high blood pressure. A major side effect to snoring is the impact on one's oral health. Snoring can be the result of obstructed nasal airways, poor muscle tone in the tongue and throat and even the use of tobacco and alcohol. The most common reason for snoring is OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). Most snorers are completely unaware of their condition. The most serious snoring problem is "dry mouth" or xerstomia. Saliva is the critical element needed to keep your oral tissues coated and moistened. Without salivary flow, oral/dental issues can cause halitosis, infections & sores, tooth decay and/or gum disease. All of this from snoring.

To combat the negative effects of snoring on your oral health, many dentists opt for non-invasive snoring solutions like dental appliances. Dr. Green can recommend a specialist to help you. Rest well and call 973-228-0252 to make an appointment for a dental examination.


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