Have Your Ice Cream & Eat It Too! Ice Cream Shouldn't Hurt!


Take your time to enjoy your Summer with delicious ice cream. But here's the scoop. If you are having pain or tooth sensitivity to cold, let Dr. Green know. Sensitive teeth are usually the result of exposed dentin. Dentin is the material that makes up the inside of your teeth, and it contains tiny nerve endings that can cause sensitivity when they're not protected. Materials, like enamel, protect the dentin, but enamel can be worn down. To try to avoid sensitivity:

We hope you can enjoy that summer ice cream cone with no pain. If you have questions about tooth sensitivity, give us a call at 973-228-0252.

ALSO for your Summer Tooth Health .... remember to 

STAY HYDRATED - Choose water. It promotes saliva production that helps rinse away bacteria that can cause tooth decay.

EAT HEALTHY SNACKS & DON'T FORGET YOUR VITAMINS - For optimum oral health, you should eat healthier snacks like dark, leafy vegetables, dairy products. Take a calcium supplement, vitamin D3 supplements & magnesium. This gives your the essential nutrients necessary to keep bones & teeth healthy and strong. 

STAY SAFE DURING SUMMER ACTIVITIES - Swimming, bike riding & playground activities are a must for summer fun. However, be careful. Use a mouthguard during extreme sports. Remember, too much chlorine can cause "swimmers calculus" which can weaken tooth enamel. Regular dental hygience can remove those problems. 

Call Dr. Green: 972-228-0252 or email: GaryGreendmd@gmail.com

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