Good Dental Hygiene Could Help Conquer the Flu

Good Dental Hygiene Could Help Conquer the Flu

As flu season continues into February, researchers and physicians not only advocate for flu vaccinations, they also highly encourage proper dental hygiene measures.

The link between the immune system and oral hygiene indicate that practiced care for the mouth and teeth could only help people during flu season.

Frequent dental checkups and an understanding that dental health could be an indicator of other health risks can help you battle the symptoms of colds and flu.

Here are 5 tips to keep yourself healthy with proper dental hygiene.

1. Brush your teeth well.

Brush and floss for at least 2 minutes, twice a day.

2. Drink lots of liquid.

Staying hydrated is important when you’re sick, because your body needs extra fluid to fight the infection. Dry mouth is a common problem, especially when you can’t breathe through your nose easily. Since saliva is a key player in controlling cavity-causing bacteria, dry mouth can increase your chances of cavities and gum disease. Do yourself a favor by loading up on water, soup and juice.

3. Toss your toothbrush.

Once you start feeling better, replace your toothbrush. Your old toothbrush can harbor viruses or bacteria and easily reinfect you.

4. Gargle with salt water.

Dissolve a tablespoon of salt water in a glass of warm water. Gargle and spit until the water is gone. This helps cut down on harmful bacteria in your mouth and throat, reducing the effects of bad breath and plaque.

5. Choose sugar-free medication.

Many cough drops and syrups are packed with sugar to sweeten the dose. Even paired with medication, this sugar can cause tooth decay and harm your gums. Shop smart by looking for medicine that’s sweetened with sugar substitutes like xylitol or sucralose. If you can’t find sugar-free alternatives, make sure to brush or rinse afterwards. If your medicine is acidic, wait at least half an hour before brushing to let your enamel harden.

Finally, call the office of Gary Green, DMD at 973-228-0252 for a complete dental evaluaiton and hygiene appointment. 

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