August - Make sure your teeth are "Vacation Ready"

5 summer tips for healthy teeth

Summer drinks can hurt teeth.

HEAT & TEETH. Besides being extremely hot, the heat can also wreak havoc on your oral health. As your body gets dehydrated, you lose fluids in your mouth too. Less saliva means the possibility of more bacteria, weaker teeth, gum disease, cavities, bad breath & possible mouth sores. BEAT THE HEAT for the rest of the summer by staying hydrated and healthy. But think carefully when you choose your beverage – some drinks can increase your risk of tooth decay.

Here are your 5 Summer Tips for Healthy Teeth:

1. Drink water

Keep your mouth moist by drinking water throughout the day. This helps wash away plaque-causing bacteria and can even improve your breath.

2. Choose tap

Flouridated tap water strengthens your enamel, making your teeth more resistant to decay.

3. Skip the bubbles

The acid in carbonated drinks can wear down your enamel.

4. Use a straw

If you drink acidic beverages, reduce their contact with your teeth by using a straw and finishing the drink quickly, instead of sipping over a long period of time.

5. Try tea

Tea contains compounds that suppress bacteria, slowing down tooth decay and gum disease. Just remember: Don’t add sugar!

To avoid overheating problems, it's also good to:

* Use a sunscreen.
* Stay in the shade. 
* Make that hygiene appointment right after vacation!

Visit Dr. Gary Green especially if you have had long exposure in the sun. Dr. Green can perform an oral examination to see if there are any issues that need addressing before they become more serious. Stay healthy the rest of the summer! Call 973-228-0252. Visit us at:

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